Discreet Victory was born out of a vision for sustainability and positivity. We strongly believe in looking after our own planet and taking care of our own mental health.

We wanted to create a clothing line that delivers daily reminders through positive quotes that we hope will inspire and motivate.

Our apparel range is Eco friendly and sustainably sourced and made from the highest grade cotton and recycled polyester.

But what we didn't want to do was create a brand that plasters quotes all over the front and back of T-shirts and hoodies, after all, its fair to say you can find items like these pretty much everywhere.

Instead, we wanted to deliver our powerful messages discreetly, whilst still delivering the goal of having a positive impact on a daily basis.

We want you to use our apparel as part of your daily routine, as part of your morning ritual which we hope will help you "win the day".

It has been proven that positive thoughts in the form of affirmations and incantations can have a tremendous effect on one's mindset and outlook and can help fill the mind with motivation and inspiration.

We all have those days where we just cant get those negative thoughts out of our heads so by putting a little inspiration on the inside of our apparel, we hope that you can use our signature quotes as a point of reference to get back on track for the day ahead.                                                             

There is tremendous power in words and we believe that the mind controls everything.

Fill your mind with inspiration and motivation and "win the day" the Discreet Victory way!